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As your corporate services providers, we will help you right from investing and accounting to advisory and certification.

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Setting up and running a business is a mammoth task. It often takes years for an idea to manifest itself in the form of a business organization. Also after a business is set up, maintaining the consistency of operations and carrying out an array of processes to survive in the industry is never an easy task.Public Media Solution is here to make this task a little easier for you. Our end-to-end corporate services are designed to provide wholesome and scalable solutions pertaining to managing different aspects of your organization.

Our team of dedicated experts has garnered sufficient experience in their respective fields to shoulder the responsibility of helping your business prosper. Before diving into our offerings as your corporate service providers, let us briefly understand what corporate services stand for.

What Do Corporate Services Stand For?

Corporate services are a set of services that revolve around business solutions that help entrepreneurs and other key members of a company in taking important decisions and carrying out legal, financial, or technical processes that are necessary in the corporate world. The scope of corporate services is fairly wide and includes services ranging from ROC filing, business advisory, and capital structuring to ISO certification, investment, and tax services.
What Do Corporate Services Stand For

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The ROC (Registrar of Companies) is a Government administrative body established in 2013 under the Indian Ministry of Corporate Affairs. This body was created to look after the administration of the Limited Liability Partnership Act, 2008 and the Companies Act, 2013. According to the Companies Act, 2013, the ROC is required to register all established companies and LLCs in different states under their administration.

The ROC requires all registered businesses to file important legal and financial documents on an annual basis for effective regulation and making valuable information available to the public in the case of public sector companies. Through our corporate services, we help you in getting your company registered with the ROC and filing all necessary annual documents for regulation.

financial and legal experts will guide you in filing your annual accounts and returns in a seamless and the right way to ensure that your company keeps operating lawfully, adhering to all obligations.

Our corporate services involve providing you with the right advice in managing your enterprise. Our business advisory services are developed to guide you in all aspects pertaining to setting up and managing your business. Our team includes experts from all fields, including finance, legal, marketing, and administration.

Whether you want to make the right investment, establish a partnership with another business, create a robust marketing campaign, diversify your business, scale up your functionality, or perform any activity that helps your business grow and prosper, we will provide you with some of the best business advisors in the industry.

During the initial stages of setting up your business, it is important to manage the finances you will need to fund your short-term and long-term processes. For this, you need to decide on the correct ratio between debt and equity. We help you structure your business capital and deciding the amount of debt capital (loans, bonds, etc.) you want to raise as compared to equity (retained earnings, preferred stock, etc).

This will form the basis of your fundraising process. Our financial experts having proficiency in business analytics understand the financial needs of your business, the purpose behind setting it up (goals and objectives), and the team structure of your enterprise to provide you with the best possible advice for structuring your capital and raising the funds that will finance your enterprise.

While setting up a business, the entrepreneur needs to consider several financial, legal, and social aspects before the venture goes floors start functioning as an independent entity.

Through our corporate services, we assist you in carrying out all the formalities and obligations for forming your companies. Right from getting the necessary approvals and understanding legal compliances to register your business with the local and national authorities, you can shift the responsibilities to our shoulders without having to worry about them!

It is important to know the quantitative value of your business to get into agreements like mergers and acquisitions, changing the corporate structure, switching industries, understanding taxation, and perform a range of other activities. Our financial experts take into consideration your capital, the assets you own, and the liability you owe to provide you with the correct valuation of your business at any given point in time.

Our valuation services involve business interests valuation, tangible assets valuation, impairment testing, share-based payment valuation, intangible assets valuation, and fairness opinions.

Diversification of business is one of the biggest indicators of prosperity and business expansion. If you are willing to join hands with another organization giving rise to a fruitful merger or acquire a business to leverage your overall functionality, we are here to help you out.

Our financial experts will guide you all the way in getting all necessary deeds and contracts drawn up, getting them signed by the concerned party, complying with all legal obligations, and christening your new business in the best way possible. Moreover, our accounting professionals will help you in making necessary changes in your books of accounts (managing goodwill, closing accounts, distributing profits, etc.) on the occasion of a merger or acquisition.

Our merchant banking services involve assisting businesses and high-net-worth individuals in providing financial advice, underwriting loans, and providing them with fundraising services according to their needs and preferences. Our team of financial experts brings in their years of experience in helping you manage your finances in a way that helps you reap the best possible benefits. Moreover, you can rely on our professionals for handling international trade and managing the finances of a business spanning multiple countries.

The ISO (International Organization for Standardization) is an international administrative body responsible for setting standards pertaining to a business’ management system, manufacturing process, services provided, and document procedures for carrying out specific business processes. It is important for businesses to adhere to these standards to receive an official stamp of approval pertaining to the products or services they provide to the customers.

Our corporate services include helping your business get the ISO certification pertaining to the sector to which your company belongs. Depending on the products/services you provide, we will help you obtain the relevant ISO certification that proves the authenticity of your business and keeps your products/services relevant in the market over time.

Once your business has started making handsome profits, it is always advisable to channel a part of your surplus into suitable investments. However, investments can get really tricky really soon. Our corporate services are designed to help you choose the best investment options depending on the nature of your business, your capacity of taking risks, and your long-term goals.

Our financial experts will do their best to help you invest your hard-earned money in a way that you get the best returns. As an extension to our investment services, our professionals help you invest in the right stocks and trade in the stock exchange in a strategic and vigilant manner.

A large chunk of responsibilities pertaining to managing a business revolves around bookkeeping. Our team of skilled and dedicated accountants will help you keep a digital track of all the transactions you incur, the capital you generate, the assets you own, and the liabilities you owe in an organized manner.

Right from making initial accounting entries to charting out important financial statements (Profit and Loss Statement, Balance Sheet, etc), we will help you make sense of your business finances and analyze the same to give a clearer picture of where your company stands.

As an extension of our accounting services, our team helps you realize and file taxes at the end of every fiscal year in an ethical and effective way to make sure there is no scope for error or loopholes in the way your wealth is managed. We are waiting for you to reach out to us if you need to obtain more specific information about our services and want to start a fruitful relationship with Public Media Solution!