SMO Services

SMO Services

Build your brand and solidify your image in the healthcare sector with holistic healthcare SMO services

Build your brand and solidify your image in the healthcare sector with holistic healthcare SMO services

We live in an age where social media is turning into a habit. Millions of users log into their social media accounts every day, creating lucrative opportunities for healthcare institutions and professionals to increase their reach. We help you tap into these opportunities and increase much-needed engagement on multiple social media platforms.

Top-notch Healthcare SMO Services

Public Media Solution provides personalized social media optimization (SMO) services to healthcare institutions and professionals across the country. Our team of social media experts designs bespoke strategies to help you and your institution create a separate niche in the healthcare sector, getting the traction you are looking for. All our healthcare SMO services are designed according to the communication gaps you want to fill, the audience you want to target,

the tools you want to use, the tone you want to adopt, and the marketing objectives you want to fulfill. From Facebook and Instagram to LinkedIn and YouTube, we help you build a robust brand across all popular social media platforms.

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Build your brand and solidify your image in the healthcare sector with holistic healthcare SMO services
Build your brand and solidify your image in the healthcare sector with holistic healthcare SMO services

How Does Social Media Optimization Work For The Healthcare Sector?

In the age of digitization, both healthcare professionals and their patients use social media on a regular basis. For the healthcare sector, social media optimization allows us to create dedicated social media accounts for our clients. These accounts may represent an individual healthcare professional, an entire hospital, a chain of hospitals, a specific department of a healthcare institution, and more.

Once created, our team of social media experts promotes these accounts by creating and posting content that gains traction and generated engagement. This allows us to help our clients reach their audience and fulfill their marketing objectives. Whether you are looking for an increase in consultations, an increase in your brand’s awareness, or simply spreading awareness about a topic, our healthcare SMO services help you do so across multiple digital channels.

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A Glimpse Of Our Healthcare SMO Services

Creating engaging content is at the core of any social media campaign. Our healthcare SMO services involve creating relevant, engaging, and unique content that is posted on your social media accounts on a regular basis. This content includes written articles, innovatively designed banners, images, videos, and more. From LinkedIn articles to Instagram photos, we help you create content that draws your target audience to your social media profile, and ultimately, your official website/clinic.

Just like keyword research plays an important role in search engine optimization (SEO), hashtag research is essential for an effective SMO campaign. With millions of users scrolling through their feeds and searching for content on social media every minute, hashtags guide them to relevant content on every platform.

Considering the importance of hashtags, we conduct extensive hashtag research to enhance your social media campaign. Depending on the areas you want to focus on and the popular tags used by your target audience, we identify the hashtags that best suit every post we put up on social media on your behalf. This helps your audience find you on social media with ease and efficiency.

Today, social media influencers have attained statuses higher than many mainstream celebrities. Influencer marketing helps you attach a reputed name to your healthcare brand to increase its popularity on multiple social media platforms. Depending on your requirements, we help you find the best social media influencer and connect with them for your campaign as you promote your brand and engage with your audiences. Rest assured that the credibility of social media influencers will help your brand and its reputation skyrocket in no time!

Our healthcare SMO services are not limited to creating and managing your social media accounts. We also provide you with periodic reports with the help of the latest SMO tools in the industry. These reports help you understand your performance across different channels and quantify the same with the help of suitable KPIs

. Our reporting and analytics tools help you stay updated about the traction you receive in real-time. This allows you to see how successful your social media campaigns are and make necessary changes to them over time.

Targeted Healthcare SEO Services
Why Choose Our Healthcare SEO Services

Why Choose Our Healthcare SMO Services?

From copywriters to social media executives, all our team members are trained in the art and science of social media marketing. Once you come on board, you can reach out to any of our team members for assistance at any time during the course of your campaign.

Along with having the right expertise for social media optimization, our team members are also well-versed in the different domains of the healthcare sector. Irrespective of your specialization, rest assured that you will be guided by professionals who know your domain and its utility in the sector you belong to. From complicated jargon to specifics of diagnoses and treatments, we try our best to keep ourselves well-informed about the healthcare sector.

At Public Media Solution, we use our healthcare SMO services to help our clients with effective reputation management. With the world moving to digital platforms, the reputation of a brand is becoming increasingly fragile. By circulating the right messages and managing social media communication, we help you build and maintain a positive reputation of your brand in the industry you belong to.

The goal of most healthcare marketing campaigns is not limited to increasing the number of consultations over time. Healthcare professionals also wish to spread important messages, recommendations, and tips to help their audiences stay healthy and lead happy lives. Our healthcare SMO services also help you circulate such messages across multiple platforms, ensuring the well-being of society.

Make your presence felt across the internet and let your healthcare services be known by everyone.



The time taken to build a social media marketing campaign depends on multiple factors, including the number of platforms you want to cover, the frequency of messaging, the tools to be used, and more. Once you come on board, we will give you a project timeline with all important milestones depending on your healthcare SMO campaign.

Professionals working in the healthcare sector are dealing with intense competition, especially after the two COVID waves. This has made it important for healthcare professionals to spread their word and let their target audience know about the care they can receive by approaching them. Being one of the most accessible and effective modes of modern communication, social media helps these professionals market themselves in the best way possible.

There is no objective cost of our healthcare SMO services. It depends on your requirements and objectives. Factors like the number of social media platforms to be used, analytics tools to be implemented, the timeline of the project, etc. will help us determine the price of our SMO services for you. However, rest assured that we will give you a package that best suits your needs and budgetary constraints.

There are no restrictions on the frequency of obtaining reports for your healthcare SMO campaign. Depending on your preferences, you can ask for daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, or annual reports.

We have a proven track record of helping some of the most prominent names in the Indian healthcare sector build their brands and establish themselves in the industry. All our team members believe in continuous innovation, consistency, transparency, and relevance while offering our healthcare SMO services to you. Once you sign a contract with Public Media Solution, you will be relieved of all the burden on your shoulders regarding effective communication via social media.