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Best Digital Platform For Promoting Your

Spreading the word about your products and services is extremely important to survive in a market full of cut-throat competition.


Gone are the days when products used to sell themselves. You will get the desired traction only if you are successful in reaching out to your target audience. Businesses across the world spend millions advertising their offerings in the best way possible. However, the biggest problem with traditional advertising is the fact that there is no surety of people consuming your messages. In simple words, once you have published or broadcasted your ad, there is no surety as to the number of people making

an effort to go through your ads and trying your services. If you want to know the exact number of people viewing your ads and make use of the best digital platforms for promoting your business, our PPC marketing services will help you grab the attention of your prospects!

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Dependable PPC Services In India

Public Media Solution helps you make the most of digital marketing by providing you with PPC services in India that you can count on. Our digital marketing experts help you pay precisely for the number of times your ad is clicked on and your website is visited by your prospects online. As your PPC company, we would help you in creating a robust PPC marketing campaign to obtain the most strategic slots on Google, increasing the footfalls on your website, and improving your brand visibility across the internet.

Being of service to write the content for all types of industry for the last 8 years, the author of the content we have gained sufficient knowledge of the domain of all the major industries. We know that the clients of the universal service, content ideas, topics, and trends.

Before getting into the details of our PPC marketing services, let us briefly go through the basics of PPC marketing.

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What Is PPC Marketing?

PPC stands for “pay-per-click.” As the name suggests, PPC marketing is a type of digital marketing technique where you pay for your ad every time it is clicked on by an individual online. PPC advertising is most popularly used with search engine optimization, where an advertiser bids for their ad to be shown before the pages indexed by the search engine. Here, you can bid on the keywords that are most relevant for your business and the landing page you want to link to your advertisement.

Every time the promoted ad is clicked on by a search engine user, the advertiser pays a specific amount to the concerned search engine based on the bid that won.Creating a PPC marketing campaign involves researching the right keywords, making the right bids, organizing the keywords into appropriate ad groups, and setting up landing pages that are optimized according to the keywords selected.

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Once you are successful in catching the pulse of your audience, traction is bound to follow!


Working With Google Ads

Google Ads (formerly known as Google AdWords) is the most widely used PPC advertising system across the world. As the name suggests, it allows advertisers to create and post ads on Google SERPs and other Google properties. The mechanism here is the same. You are required to bid on every keyword and pay for every click made by a prospect on your ad. In order to make a browser’s search more effective, Google takes into consideration the combination of the amount bid and the relevance of the keywords and campaigns.

To be more specific, Google multiplies two factors for placing the most appropriate ads on its platforms – the CPC (cost per click) bid and the Quality Score of an ad. The CPC is the maximum bid received for a specific keyword. The Quality Score of an ad takes into consideration factors like the click-through rate, keyword relevance, and the quality of the landing page.In simple words, you cannot get away with getting your ad placed high up on the Google pages simply by throwing in more money. If the quality and relevance of your landing page are not up to the mark, Google will not post your ad on the desired slot.

With Public Media Solution as your PPC service providers, you do not need to worry about any aspect of your PPC advertising campaign. Our team will help you bid on the right keywords and make sure that your landing page is optimized enough to impress Google!

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Why Choose Our PPC Marketing Services?

Whether you want to create a new PPC campaign or improve an existing one, we help you optimize your approach to digital marketing and climb the coveted search engine ladder.

As your PPC service providers, we focus all our processes on helping you get the best outcome from the price you pay. Our team helps you generate more leads by optimizing your landing pages and helping you go with the right keywords.

You can rest assured that you will be provided with a dedicated project manager for every PPC campaign we work on. Our skilled and experienced project managers take over your campaign right from the scratch and guide you all the way from researching the right keywords and making the correct bids to optimizing the landing pages.

We hate spillovers as much as you do! As your PPC company, we make sure that the ads posted online are targeted to the core audience that you are catering to. Such a concentrated approach helps you personalize your campaign and provide services that are tailored exclusively for your target audience.

Once your PPC advertising campaign is live, we will provide you with detailed reports on a monthly basis. You can rest assured that you will obtain all relevant information regarding the campaign spends, KPIs, and progress made over a specific period of time. Moreover, without sugar-coating the results and providing transparent insights, we would provide you with the real picture with the scope for improvement.

Google always has an eye for creative content and favors ads with content that is unique and engaging. As your PPC company, we will help you create ads that are out of the box and crafted with unique ideas.


We aim at helping you create ads that impress Google and your prospects at the same time!



PPC advertising provides you with real-time results about the ads clicked, visits made, and leads generated. This makes it easier for you to measure your ROI and make necessary changes while your campaign is live.

The majority of the search traffic on the internet is directed towards Google (close to 93%), while a small percentage (around 3%) is directed towards Bing. Considering the quality of ads posted, organization, and searched made by the most target audience, we execute PPC campaigns on Google.

Yes, we do help clients with e-commerce ventures with Google Shopping campaigns. These campaigns are a combination of Google AdWords and Google Merchant Center. While Merchant Center keeps a record of your product details, AdWords helps you in running PPC campaigns.

There is no fixed time frame in which you will start seeing the results of your PPC campaign. However, if things work out well, you might start seeing clicks and leads being generated almost immediately.

When a user clicks on the ad posted by you on Google, they will be directed to the landing page. This is the page where they will get more information about your business and the products/services you have to offer. Moreover, it is the landing page that will have the calls-to-action that will help you generate leads and nurture them to close deals.