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PR Services

Build your brand and establish a favorable image in the public with tailor-made healthcare PR services

Build your brand and solidify your image in the healthcare sector with holistic healthcare SMO services

Healthcare institutions are an integral part of the society we live in. Doctors and hospitals have a massive impact on the way we perceive our well-being. This makes it important for healthcare professionals and institutions to establish and maintain a positive image in the public. If you belong to the healthcare sector, you need to convey the essence of the care you offer to get the traction and engagement you are looking for.Considering the importance of public relations across all major sectors, we provide you with state-of-the-art healthcare PR services that help you build a robust brand.

Trusted Healthcare PR Services

Public Media Solution has been working in the domain of public relations for several years and has created its niche in the market. Our healthcare PR services are designed to help doctors, hospitals, and everyone associated directly or indirectly with the healthcare sector build a favorable image in the industry. In the age of digitization, the image of an institution is often too fragile to resist the serious blows of society. Our PR professionals help you navigate through such media storms and keep your brand image intact.

Whether you want to make an important announcement, spread awareness about matters of public interest and well-being, or simply let your audience know about your existence in the market, we help you convey your brand’s essence and ensure effective coverage of your messages across multiple media platforms.

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Why Does The Healthcare Sector Need PR?

For the longest time, the healthcare sector relied on word-of-mouth publicity. However, the increase in competition and the need for embracing digitization has made it important for healthcare institutions and professionals to resort to conventional marketing tools like public relations. Irrespective of the quality of healthcare services you offer, you will find it difficult to generate traction if your audience does not know about you.

Healthcare PR services put you on the map and help you draw people’s attention to your services. Whether you want to inform the public about your achievements to garner trust or discuss the impact of your services in saving people’s lives, PR gives you a platform to raise your voice and talk in favor of your hospital, clinic, or your own expertise.

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A Glimpse Of Our Healthcare PR Services

Media relations form the core of a PR campaign. Owing to our successful run in the domain of public relations, we have built healthy relations with some of the most noteworthy media houses within and outside the country. Availing of our healthcare PR services allows you to carry your messages through these media houses, adding much-needed weight to what you say. Especially in India, the credibility of an individual or an institution depends on the platform(s) through which they communicate. With fruitful media relations, we give you this credibility, making it difficult for your audience to ignore what you want to say!

Over time, more and more businesses are switching to digital means of public relations. Our digital healthcare PR services help you make the most of online platforms to carry your messages and connect with your target audience. From writing online press releases and PR articles to using social media for promoting your healthcare services, our team of PR professionals designs robust digital PR campaigns that give you the desired reach and engagement.

Our digital PR services include both paid and organic PR. If you want notable media houses to cover your stories without having your say in what goes out, you can opt for organic PR. On the other hand, if you want complete control over your PR articles published on the websites of some of the biggest media houses, you can opt for paid PR with a disclaimer.

We have consciously made our healthcare PR services well-rounded, including the right blend of digital and traditional PR. Many healthcare professionals cater to a rural population that may not have access to digital platforms. Under such circumstances, we help you take the traditional PR route by getting your stories covered via print and television.

Healthcare professionals often feel the need to give their input regarding serious diseases and inform the public about ensuring their well-being. If you wish to give public statements that matter, we help you organize press conferences with journalists from notable media houses attending the event. Along with organizing a one-on-one session with media professionals, we also help you manage the event from scratch, relieving you of all responsibilities!

In the digital age, it doesn’t take much for an individual or organization to hamper its reputation. Especially as a healthcare professional, everything you say is bound to go under scrutiny, increasing the chances of it being taken out of context. With the digital environment getting increasingly toxic, the need for effective reputation management has increased.

Our healthcare PR services help you uphold your reputation in the industry. Combining this with crisis management, our PR professionals take the reins of communication, helping you navigate through troubled waters. Rest assured that we will help you bare your institution’s soul to the public when the going gets tough! Our services are designed to ensure effective, relevant, and impactful communication with the public with the intention of solidifying your brand in the healthcare sector.

Why Choose Our Healthcare PR Services?

Why Choose Our Healthcare PR Services?

All our healthcare PR services are offered by a team of skilled, dedicated, and trained PR professionals. Our team members have garnered years of industry experience, adding significant value to our services.

Despite working in the marketing industry, our PR professionals have acquired sufficient knowledge about the healthcare sector and the different disciplines therein. Rest assured that we will begin your healthcare PR campaign only when we have complete knowledge about your domain.

Marketing in 2023 loses its essence if the approach is not creative. All our PR professionals prioritize innovation and do not work on first thoughts. From covering your stories to organizing bespoke events, we try our best to keep your campaign innovative and engaging.

Indians have always been fond of stories and storytelling has proven to be the best way to convey a message. Our healthcare PR services often focus on effective storytelling to hook your target audience and drive your messages home in the best way possible.

Once your healthcare PR campaign goes live, we will provide you with detailed reports and analytics about the same periodically. Having nothing to hide, all our reports and internal communication are 100% transparent, giving you an honest picture of your performance across different media platforms.



Healthcare PR involves tools and practices designed specifically for doctors, hospitals, pharmacists, and everyone associated with the healthcare sector. It takes conventional PR tools and tailors them to suit the needs of healthcare professionals and institutions. Moreover, healthcare PR services are more sensitive and precise as they deal with public well-being.

There is no fixed cost for our healthcare PR services. As they are tailored to your specific needs, their cost depends on factors like the type of PR you are looking for, the media platforms you want to cover, the media houses you want for publishing your stories, etc. However, you can rest assured that the package we give you will be within your budgetary constraints.

Yes, you will always be kept in the loop at all stages of your healthcare PR campaign. From choosing the publications to deciding the tone of your messages, our PR professionals will never make any decision without your consent.

The time taken for visible results of a PR campaign depends on multiple factors, including the nature of your campaign (paid or organic PR), the platforms chosen for promotion, the performance of your competitors, and much more. While paid PR articles go live within a couple of days after submission, organic PR may take a few weeks before your story is circulated in the public domain.

Healthcare PR helps you stand out from the clutter amidst the sea of healthcare professionals offering similar services. It brings you closer to your target audience and lets more people know about the healthcare services you offer. Healthcare PR also allows you to make your voice heard by the masses through some of the most credible channels in the country.