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Public opinion holds the power to make and break the image of your brand in the market!

Your services can be cutting-edge, your resources can be fulfilling, and your ethics can be valuable. Still, you would be more likely to be in this increasingly competitive market with a favourable public opinion. Public Relations (PR) is the process that helps you attain this reasonable opinion of the public. Public Relations (PR) is the process that helps you attain this favourable opinion of the public. It is a set of communication strategies where a PR agency

communicates with your customers, employees, stakeholders, or anyone with a stake or interest in your brand. According to statistics, the PR industry in India has reportedly grown by double-digit growth. Studies project the Indian PR industry to grow at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 12-15% in the next few years. This will only increase as the years go by, making a PR agency in India more critical.

Problem Faced By Businesses

Businesses are often troubled that their “core messages” are not being propagated to the customers and other stakeholders. Advertising does only half the job. It asks people to buy your products or avail of your services, and that is it. It usually cannot go beyond that. Moreover, businesses often fail to add value 360 degrees across all marketing channels, reaching all possible points of contact with the customers. Failing to add this value 360 degrees in communications with the target audience results in an array of missed opportunities. This marketing approach often ignores conveying the crux of your brand to the public. This is where we come in!
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Getting Your Startup Funded

Suppose you have just entered the market with a startup and are looking for seed funding from venture capitalists, angel investors, or even commercial banks. In that case, your business's reputation is vital in getting the finances. If the word about your new and growing business in the market is positive, you immediately become more bankable and are more likely to get the seed funding to grow your business further. When visionary intent meets effective communication, nothing can stop your startup from growing and achieving the desired niche in the market!

How Public Media Solution Solves The Problem

We are a reputed PR agency in India dedicated to ensuring your public image always stays strong. As a top PR agency in the country, we focus more on saying “this is important” instead of “buy this product”. We understand the essence of your brand communicating with the public to stimulate their opinion in the most organic way possible. Whether it is organizing special events, writing and circulating press releases, or managing corporate communication across multiple media platforms, our PR professional experts help you get your word out there most efficiently!

We add your brand value 360 degrees in India (and globally) by making optimum use of all possible customer contact points. Our out-of-the-box PR strategies have made us the best PR agency one can find that understands the critical marketing goals and gives you worthy results. Although we are a PR agency based in Pune, our services are not bound by local limits.

Why PR is Important?

Public opinion is highly volatile in nature. It doesn’t take much for people to form or change opinions when it comes to brands they interact with. PR is required to create and sustain a favorable public image in the industry.

According to statistics, the Public Relations industry is expected to reach a whopping $130.5 billion by 2025 with a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 10.50% in 2020-2025.

The demand for PR agencies has significantly increased over time as an efficient tool for reputation management, crisis management, and increasing brand value in the market.

Several brands, NGOs, politicians, hospitals, celebrities and other entities in the public domain are making use of Public Relations as a key marketing tool. This has in turn resulted in the growth of the PR industry.

Along with the traditional PR practices, agencies are also indulging in programmatic PR using digital media. Programmatic PR refers to the process of automating advertisements. Here, different software platforms are used for making proposals and sending tenders and quotes for advertising.Such extensive use of digital PR has further increased the scope of the industry.

In 2019, Accenture Interactive decided to incorporate programmatic advertising campaigns into the general ad-purchasing environment. This allowed businesses to strategize better using technology and multiple digital platforms, making further room for advancements in the field of Public Relations.

As mentioned earlier, businesses face issues in communicating the core values of their brand to their customers. We all know how emotional Indians can get for the brands they use! A PR agency in India would focus more on what a brand stands for, instead of what a brand is selling. If you manage to tap into the emotions of your customers, the sales are bound to go up!

It is impossible to function in a market without forming community relations. Effective PR helps you spread the word amongst entities in the industry, making your peers and customers aware of your presence. For example, if you run a prominent music company in Delhi, a reliable PR agency in Delhi would help you build fruitful ties within the music industry you function in.

As we mentioned earlier, PR goes where advertising cannot. The best PR agency you find would use PR as a tool to provide wholesome marketing services to its clients. For instance, if you provide tiffin services in Mumbai, the best PR agency in Mumbai would not focus on selling your services. They will focus on the importance of home-cooked food for people living away from home.

Just like all other activities involved in marketing, PR is important for gaining brand visibility. The competition today in every industry is cut-throat. If your brand is not visible to your target audience, you will get lost in the clutter. PR gets people to talk about your brand, resulting in an increase in its visibility.

If you run an IT company in Bangalore, a PR agency in Bangalore will put you on the map, making more people aware of your existence. Advertising is what you pay for, and PR is what you pray for! Contact us.


Advertising is what you pay for, and PR is what you pray for!

Digital PR

Today, it is safe to say that the entire world is online! Every small, medium, significant, and giant company has its presence online. This shift has successfully resulted in brands embracing digital PR. As a digital PR agency, our team helps you increase your brand's online presence and increase the online footfall you receive. Getting online traction has become equally important (if not more!) as getting more customers through traditional marketing.
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Crisis Management

No matter how hard you try and how careful you are, you cannot have a 100% smooth run. , A crisis can hit your brand, and things can change overnight. Our intention is not to scare you! On the other hand, as a top PR agency in the country, you can rely on us to help you resolve the crisis. Through our crisis management services, our PR team would try their best to deal with sudden and undesirable events. Whether the situation affects your business, employees, customers, or other stakeholders, we will immediately rescue you!
You can count on our communication experts to take every step in a precise way during a crisis, ensuring that your messages are delivered fruitfully without adversely affecting the crisis you are already facing. We are the best PR agency one can find for taking quick, reliable actions during an unforeseen situation. We assure you that you can take a backseat and let us take the reins for some time. We will ensure you gain the confidence and faith of the public, coming out of the crisis victorious!
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Celebrity Management

Celebrities are significant brands in themselves. They are called “public figures” for a reason. A substantial portion of their career depends on their image in the public domain. If you watch twenty-four hours a day and seven days a week, it is only natural to care about your public persona! Our PR agency comprises professionals with sufficient experience in celebrity management. We understand how every word a celebrity puts out in public is scrutinised in a million different ways. We aim to create and maintain a favourable image of people who are loved by millions!

According to the specific needs of our clients, we will do our best to create a holistic PR strategy with effective communication at its core.


Online Reputation Management (ORM)

Although intangible, a brand's reputation is one of the most fragile aspects of being in the public domain. A slight miscommunication or misunderstanding can have a Domino effect, and before you know it, you are the talk of the town for all the wrong reasons! If you want to revamp your online reputation (ORM) and strengthen its roots, you have come to the best PR agency for doing so! There are billions of people living across the world. This implies that there will be a billion interpretations of what you say or do in public!

Not all these interpretations are taken in a positive light. If the action you took as a brand starts having negative implications, we will jump right in and help you keep your reputation intact. Our communication experts know what messages to send at what time through which media platform. We will try our best to bring you and the public on the same page, restoring a healthy understanding between both parties.

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Navigating the News: Demystifying Press Conferences and Press Releases

Navigating the News: Demystifying Press Conferences and Press Releases

In the world of getting the word out, two heavyweights stand out: the press conference and the press release. But figuring out when to use these PR tools might feel like solving a puzzle. Fear not, savvy communicator; this guide will unravel the mysteries of these PR powerhouses!

The Press Conference: Live and Loud

Imagine a stage, bright lights, and a room buzzing with excitement. That's what a press conference is all about – a live event where you take the spotlight, share the big news, and directly connect with the media. It's the go-to for:

Whether it's launching a groundbreaking product, unveiling a strategic partnership, or announcing a game-changing initiative – these big moments deserve the excitement of a live press conference.

Don't just talk, show! Live demos and chats with key figures add depth, while Q&A sessions allow for immediate clarifications and engagement.

Face-to-face talks create bonds with journalists, setting the stage for future collaborations and positive interactions.

The Press Release: Quiet but Powerful

The Press Release: Quiet but Powerful

While the press conference enjoys the spotlight, the press release operates more like a silent ninja. It's a short, impactful statement sent to media outlets, delivering crucial information directly to their desks. Perfect for:

Not every piece of news needs a grand event. Use a well-crafted press release for sharing company milestones, financial results, or minor product updates without all the fuss.

Unlike press conferences with limited attendance, press releases can reach countless media outlets globally, maximising exposure and potential coverage.

Ensure your main message is delivered accurately and consistently across all media channels without worrying about misinterpretations during a live Q&A session.

Choosing your Champion: When to use each

So, which PR warrior should you call upon? It depends on your goals and the nature of your news.

When you have a significant announcement, want to showcase a product, or build personal connections with journalists.

For routine updates, wider reach, or ensuring consistent messaging.



Every media outlet has its preferences. Please research to craft a press release or conference pitch that fits their style and focus.

To avoid clashes with other news and grab maximum audience attention, Schedule your press conference thoughtfully.

Anticipate questions, practice your delivery, and ensure you have all the necessary materials for press conferences and press releases.

With the correct info and a strategic mindset, turn press conferences and press releases into powerful tools for captivating the media and achieving your communication goals. So, step into the spotlight or operate from the shadows – choose your weapon, refine your skills, and watch your news spread like wildfire!

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“Publicity is absolutely critical. A good PR story is infinitely more effective than a front-page ad.” – Richard Branson

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Public relations are important to create and maintain a positive image in the minds of the public. Whether you are a respected celebrity, run a business or own a brand, public opinion will always hold the power to influence your actions, worth and reputation in the market. This reputation ultimately affects your sales and determines your sustainability. Handling public relations by hiring a top PR agency will not only improve your public image but will also help your brand grow.

You cannot survive in a market for long without having a favorable image in the public. Whether it is the internal public (employees, partners, etc) or external public (customers, suppliers, etc), public relations help you create a positive image in their minds, which is in turn fruitful for your brand. A good PR agency always uses public relations in creating and circulating messages on your behalf and driving public opinion in your favor. Having favorable public opinion would in turn lead to more customers and increased prosperity.

The function of public relations is to create and maintain a positive image of a brand in the minds of the public (internal and external), without clearly mentioning the identity of the concerned brand. PR involves the use of blogs, articles, events, interviews, and other relevant media interactions for spreading messages on behalf of the brand. For example, a builder in Delhi would approach a reliable PR agency in Delhi to have articles published in a reputed real estate magazine without giving out their name. On the other hand, the functions of advertising are more direct. It involves a clear mention of the advertiser asking people to buy their products or avail their services through paid media platforms.

As the name suggests, digital PR is a set of practices that involves creating a positive image of a brand through online engagements.
A Digital PR agency would help you gain more online traction by:
  • Creation and distribution of online press releases
  • Search engine optimization
  • Social media optimization
  • Writing blogs and publishing articles
  • Associating with online influencers
  • Digital PR activities deal with getting backlinks to your website. It helps you in creating a niche online and stand out of the clutter of your competitors providing similar services.

    Public relations is the process of creating a desirable image of a brand in the minds of the public, helping them manage crises and the reputation they hold in the market. It is a more wholesome process that may involve digital marketing.On the other hand, digital marketing is the process of creating awareness about a brand across all the digital platforms with the sole aim of making conversions. Digital marketing is not really concerned about the image and reputation of the brand. Its ultimate aim is lead conversion. Also, while PR involves several media platforms, digital marketing sticks to digital media.

    The PR agency’s meaning clearly states that they are involved in creating and spreading messages on behalf of the clients. Press releases are a part of these messages.A press release is an official statement issued to media platforms for providing specific information about a brand. This information may be talking about a launch, an event, news piece, or a major announcement the brand wants to make officially. Press releases are a powerful means of propagating a message on behalf of a brand. It helps you create awareness about your brand and the activities it undertakes on a larger platform.

    Over time, customers demand more wholesome services from a single service provider. This is why you would commonly find a PR agency that provides digital marketing services and vice versa.Digital marketing and PR coincide in many ways. The best PR agency one approach is very likely to provide digital PR services. Digital PR involves SEO, SMO, and other relevant activities aimed at improving the online presence of the client.

    If you are faced with an unforeseen crisis, PR would help you cope with it through quick, smart, and effective communication. A PR agency is made up of experienced communication experts that know what messages to circulate, the time to circulate them, and the audience who should receive the messages. This way, PR uses the power of communication to inform the internal and external public about your actions, with the aim of keeping your reputation and image intact.

    PR does not focus on hard selling. It goes beyond the transactional nature of marketing and focuses on the core values of your brand. For example, if you run a private school, your PR agency stresses the importance of education instead of asking people to directly get their kids enrolled in your school. Once your audience is hooked to the core value of your brand, you are bound to make more sales!

    Community Relations are specific PR activities, where a business organization establishes and maintains healthy relations with the community in which it operates. This is essentially a sub-set of public relations, where a business builds mutually beneficial relations with people belonging to a common geographical area, ethnicity, or having common interests in the field of art, business, or environment.

    As the name rightly suggests, business events are the events organized by a business enterprise primarily for the purpose of carrying out promotional activities. A business event may be organized for the launch of a new product, networking, increasing the visibility of the brand, or to mitigate a crisis a brand is going through. PR agencies help businesses organize these events, spread the word in public to attend them, and associate with media platforms to cover the same.

    A press release is an official statement issued by a company to journalists, providing specific information about the goings-on in the company and the activities they have or are planning to undertake. In case of an event being organized, press releases are issued to invite journalists for covering the said event. On the other hand, blogging is a largely informal form of digital content, where a writer expresses their thoughts regarding a specific topic. A blog can state objective facts and the subjective opinions of the writers. In PR, blogs can be used for spreading specific information about a brand and getting more public to consume the message propagated by the said brand in an indirect manner. However, press releases are more direct and formal.

    Content moderation is the practice undertaken by businesses where user-generated content is monitored before being published publically on a digital platform. Here, any form of digital content going up on a website, blog, or social media platform is scanned, ensuring that the content is not illegal or inappropriate to be posted on the said platform.

    We provide PR services separate from our digital marketing services. However, there are many similarities between digital PR and several digital marketing activities. For example, both the services include creating digital content, making the content rank high on the SERPs, promoting your business on social media platforms, etc.
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