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Our dedicated PR team would assist you in charting out the best PR campaigns with scalable results.

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Mumbai is a melting pot for a variety of businesses, brands, celebrities, and every other entity operating within the domain of the public. This gives the public immense power to influence the prosperity of an array of businesses in the commercial capital of the country! One cannot survive in the market without having a favorable image. Even if you provide the best products and services one can purchase, poor relations with the public would make your business run short-lived. It essential to have an approving public opinion for operating smoothly in the industry you belong to. For this, your public needs to know the true essence of your brand.

This is where most businesses suffer. All they focus on is encouraging people to make purchases and fail to communicate the soul of their brand to the public. If you are willing to groom your public image and improve the value of your brand, we are more than happy to help!

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Your Search For PR Services Ends Here!

Your Search For PR Services Ends Here!

Public Media Solution is one of the trusted PR agencies in Mumbai, helping businesses build and maintain a constructive image in the public. We help you in conveying the right promotional messages, to the right people, at the right time, using the right media platforms. As a noted PR agency in India, our PR services cover both the external and internal public.

Whether you want to communicate with your customers, investors, suppliers, and other external public, or employees, management, shareholders, and other internal, our PR team will take care of everything.

As you approach us, our team will have a detailed discussion with you regarding matters such as:

  • The public to focus on for the campaign
  • The key objectives of your campaign
  • The messages you want to put across in the campaign
  • The tone of your messages
  • The media platforms to use for the campaign
  • The term of the campaign
  • The budget of your campaign
  • Once we have received all relevant information about the purpose and need for PR, our team will get to work and start with your campaign.

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    This is Not Advertising

    People often get confused between the approach of PR and advertising. Please note that our PR services are nowhere similar to advertising. Advertising services involve directly encouraging target customers to buy a product or a service at a specific price. The scope of advertising is limited to driving sales and increase revenue. PR services go beyond the scope of advertising.As one of the eminent PR companies in Mumbai, our services focus more on putting across the essence of a brand instead of selling the products.

    Instead of asking people to buy your products, we would inform people about how your products influence the lives of your customers and the essence behind the functioning of your brand. Our PR services focus on wholesome marketing, where the public is aware of the ethics and values that go beyond sales. Once your public is captivated by the PR messaging and an approving image is formed in their minds, it is bound to affect your sales positively.

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    This is Not Advertising
    Our Approach

    Our Approach

    As a Reliable Digital Marketing Agency in Mumbai, our approach to public relations is all-encompassing, making PR complement all other aspects of marketing. Our services ensure that your business gains the traction it deserves through ethical and positive PR.

  • Analysis
  • The basis of all our processes is a thorough analysis of data. Before we start with your project, our experts will conduct research regarding the target group you want to focus on.

    We would extract details such as the composition of your target audience, demographics, psychographics, and familiarity with your industry. These details will help us make critical decisions in choosing the right media platforms and creating the right messages.
  • Brand Initiation
  • A strong brand initiation on all platforms (especially digital) is necessary for kick-starting a PR campaign. Our team would help you in putting your brand on the map, along with all your competitors, and promote it to give an admirable first impression. Making use of the best PR platforms, online newsfeeds, and other digital/traditional platforms, we would initiate your campaign providing ample coverage of your brand.

  • Wholesome Engagement
  • Our PR services aim at providing you adequate engagement (online and otherwise) on the most suitable media platforms. On the basis of your target audience and the message you want to out across, our team would suggest the best platforms for maximum engagement. Maximum engagement would improve the visibility of your brand, getting you sufficient attention from the public.

  • Driving Public Perspective
  • A lot depends on the perspective the public has about your brand. It influences an array of critical aspects – from the buying behavior of your customers to the attitude of your employees. As a top PR agency in Mumbai, we help you mold the perspective of the public towards your brands, making them happily want to connect with you and giving you a good reach.

  • Image Building
  • Your brand image is closely associated with the perspective your public has about your business. Our service aims at helping you build a constructive image of your brand by communicating with your public and making them aware of your essence.

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    “The public is the only critic whose opinion is worth anything at all” – Mark Twain

    The Power Of Storytelling

    Mumbai is the city of dreams, and being a noted PR agency in Mumbai , we believe in the immense power of storytelling! We are all driven by emotions and affected by stories we can relate to. Our PR activities include telling stories as an important tool in propagating your messages. We will help you create stories that resonate with the public and communicate your core message to them effectively. For example, if you are a celebrity in Mumbai wanting to leverage your brand, advertising your work would surely give you some traction, but it would have its limits.

    On the other hand, if you provide the public with stories of how you inspired the lives of your fans and how you hustled your way to the top, the connection would be deeper and more insightful. Our PR services are built around extracting this power of storytelling that is capable of moving a million hearts!

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    The Power Of Storytelling

    Why Choose Our PR Services?

    We have gained the reputation of being one of the most competent PR agencies in Mumbai through years of experience in the media industry. This experience has helped us hone our skills and develop the expertise to provide you with the best PR services in the country.

    Our team is made up of skilled and experienced professionals in every department. Our media experts excel in handling relations with media houses for putting your word out there. Our team of content writers indulges in creating quality content for promoting your brand on online and offline platforms. We also have digital marketing experts on board to get you the desired online traction the most suitable digital platforms for your business. Every member of our PR team is 100% dedicated to their job, giving you the best they got in every field.

    It takes years for a brand to build a favoured reputation in the market, but it can be brought down in the dumps overnight! We understand the fickle nature of a business’s reputation and do our best to provide reputation management services to you.

    As a respected PR agency in Mumbai, our services are aimed at making sure that the reputation you hold in the industry stays intact and undamaged over time. We help you chart out extensive PR campaigns to put across specific messages out in public regarding the activities you are undertaking, making people aware of your intentions and what your brand stands for. Our services are dedicated to ensuring that your reputation is maintained and mended immediately in case you encounter any crises.

    It is important for a brand to be visible to the public for receiving traction. You may be providing the best products and services in the market, but you wouldn’t be able to reap in benefits unless you are visible enough. Our PR team helps you manage the visibility of your brand in the market. We shoulder the responsibility of making sure that your presence never goes away from your industry through ample engagement. It is our job to ensure that your target group always has you in their minds, that too in a positive light.

    If we feel your presence on any media platform (online or otherwise) is threatened, our team would help you conduct activities such as hosting events, writing articles, making brand videos, starting social media campaigns, and other relevant commotions to make sure you are visible in the market. Our visibility management services are not restricted to increasing your brand visibility. We understand that excessive visibility is very likely to backfire. If we feel that the conversations surrounding your brand are exceeding a decent limit, we would try and control your presence on all necessary media platforms to maintain a healthy balance.

    The manner in which a corporate entity communicates with its employees, management, customers, investors, and others affects public opinion to a great extent. Effective corporate communication is the key to healthy public relations. As an experienced PR agency in Mumbai, our team helps you carry out valuable corporate communication, whether it is with the internal or external public.

    We understand that official statements made by businesses hold sufficient wait and are often sensitive in nature. We help you in the creation of these messages and their distribution through the best media platforms. Whether you have an important announcement to make to all your employees or want to issue a formal brand statement to your customers, our PR team will help you plan the entire communication process.

    Media platforms play the most important role in distributing your messages to the public. They are the tools that help your messages reach your target audience and need to be managed vigilantly. Being a recognized PR agency in Mumbai, we are associated with some of the most noted media houses within and outside the city. Depending on the messages you want to publish and the audience you want to target, our PR team will work with the most suitable media house while working on your PR campaign.

    You can trust us for organic and efficient media coverage for the entirety of your PR campaign. Press releases are an integral part of or media relations services. Whether you are planning to make an official announcement, hold a press meeting, organize an event or engage with your public in any way, we will help you write an distribute effective press releases encouraging journalists to cover the said activity.

    For celebrities, almost their entire careers ride on public opinion. While they can shoot to stardom overnight, a little miscommunication can turn the environment hostile in no time. As one of the trusted celebrity management companies in Mumbai, understand the sensitivity that comes with being a celebrity. Our PR team helps you in building a constructive rapport with the public and maintaining it over time.

    We help you engage with the public through print media, electronic media, social media, or other digital and traditional media platforms. Celebrities are often at the brink of an unwanted controversy or reputation crisis. During such unforeseen circumstances, our team will assist you in making quick but effective decisions. Through our celebrity management services, you would be able to put out the right messages at the right time in the right manner.

    Whatever your personality is in private, you will be officially recognized across the world by the personality you display in public. We understand the importance of media interactions and help you train for the same. Media interactions can be quite tricky. You have no control over what is being written about you and what a media house wants to extract out of you. Keeping this in mind, our experts will assist you in being diplomatic (when needed), confident, and flamboyant while talking to journalists, reporters, and other media entities. Every brand has a unique personality, which is often an extension of the owner. We help you groom this personal image of yourself as well as that of your brand in a way that you are instantly accepted by the public you are targeting.

    The way you and your team carry yourself professionally has a momentous impact on your public image. Our corporate grooming services are aimed at polishing your interpersonal skills and the manner in which you carry yourself physically in the corporate environment. At the end of the day, everything boils down to having an impeccable public image in the market. The power of the public is immense. If the PR messaging is done right, your brand can skyrocket in the market in no time!

    Types Of Top-notch PR Services In Mumbai

    Types Of Top-notch PR Services In Mumbai

    The content created for your press releases and PR articles plays a major role in giving you traction. We help you write unique, engaging, and relevant content for your press releases and PR articles (digital and print) through our media writing services.

    We help you reach out to your audiences and spread your message using the coveted medium of television interviews. We facilitate insightful TV interviews with some of the most reputed broadcast networks across the country.

    Our team of PR experts help you distribute your press release to the public across multiple platforms. Being associated with some of the most noteworthy media houses in the country, we make sure that your press release reaches as many people from your target audience as possible.

    What you say matters! We understand the need for businesses to be eloquent in communicating with a range of different stakeholders (internal and external). Our corporate communication services are designed to help you interact with your employees, customers, suppliers, partners, media, and all other entities having a vested interest in your organization.

    If you are planning to organize a press conference to spread your word and request media houses to carry the same through their publications, we help you do so through our press conference management services. From inviting suitable journalists to managing the event, we shoulder all responsibilities for making your press conference a success.

    “Some are born great, some achieve greatness, and some hire public relations officers.” – Daniel J. Boorstin

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    Our PR packages depend on your specific requirements. All our services are tailored according to the needs and preferences of our clients. Depending on the audience you are targeting, the platforms you want for carrying your messages, and the purpose of your PR campaign, we would provide you with a quote that is within your budget requirements.

    There is no fixed time that a PR campaign takes to give you favourable results. In most cases, PR is an ongoing process that allows you to stay in touch with your audience and keep them updated about your business. The best way to run PR campaigns is to have a PR agency on board on a retainer basis and keep charting out press releases and articles for seamless engagement across multiple platforms.

    We provide our clients with PR services that extend to a range of different online and offline platforms. We are associated with some of the most reputed digital and print publications in the country that would carry your messages to the public in the best way possible. Apart from print and digital platforms, we also help you organize press conferences and events as a part of your PR campaign.

    While both PR and advertising have their own benefits, a PR campaign is more organic in nature. An ad campaign revolves around directly asking your target audience to engage with your business and make purchases. It involves a clearly visible advertiser and a direct call-to-action. On the other hand, a PR campaign is more subtle in nature. It does not have a clearly identifiable marketer and does not carry a direct call-to-action for the audience. It simply conveys the essence of the brand being marketed by telling a story or making an announcement in the public interest. This has a deeper and more profound impact on the audience.

    Absolutely! Our team would be providing you with an extensive PR report on a regular basis to keep you informed about the coverage received and the performance of your campaign across multiple platforms. Our extensive reports would provide you with a comprehensive picture of your PR campaign and help you make informed decisions.

    While there are no standard ways of enhancing a PR campaign as it differs from one business to another, here are some tips you should always keep in mind to make your campaigns more effective:
  • Always tell a story
  • Target only a specific segment of the audience at a time
  • Use an ideal combination of digital and print media platforms
  • Have a well-defined content calendar
  • Make your PR campaign an extension of your brand’s personality
  • In the digital age, PR trends keep emerging and evolving on a frequent basis. It is important for a business to stay in tune with the latest PR trends to get the traction it is looking for.
    Here are some of the most important latest PR trends you should keep an eye on:
  • Human-centric approach to marketing
  • The use of new media platforms
  • A focus on experiential technologies like AR and VR
  • Use of artificial intelligence for data analytics
  • Focus on eliminating disinformation in the age of digitization
  • Yes, PR can always be clubbed with other marketing techniques to enhance its impact and obtain a wider reach. Here are a few ways in which you can improve your PR campaign by integrating it with other marketing techniques:
  • Blending PR with SEO to make your articles more discoverable on the internet
  • Blending PR with SMO to get good engagement on social media
  • Blending PR with video marketing to increase the impact of your messages
  • Blending PR with influencer marketing to benefit from the traction generated by influencers
  • Blending PR with content marketing to create engaging and stimulating content across multiple platforms
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