Press Conference Services

Deliver Your MessagesTo Your Audience
In The Best Way Possible

Press conferences are highly organized and meticulously planned events to ensure that the interaction is carried out as seamlessly as possible.

Press Conference

Press Conference

Messages always remain half-baked unless they are carried to the target audience in the best way possible. As an organization, you may have brilliant ideas to convey, big announcements to make, and important news to share, but you will receive the desired traction only when your messages are delivered to your audience in the best way possible.When it comes to communicating with the public, what better communication tools can you choose other than suitable media platforms?

Media platforms across all channels help you carry important messages and announcements to your audience in an effective and sustainable manner. If you are willing to reach out to your target audience and make sure that they are at the receiving end of your communication, our press conference services make sure that all your messages are circulated in the best way possible.

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Holistic Press Conference Services In India

Media has always played an important role in circulating the information that matters in the country. Since the pre-independence era, media platforms have been regarded as reliable and respectable sources of news and information that is important for the people consuming it. Over time, the role of media platforms has only become more important and with the advent of digital platforms, dissemination of information has become faster, personalized, and increasingly efficient. However, it is extremely important for an organization to choose the right media platforms to circulate the right messages.

At Public Media Solution, we help you organize extensive press conferences for making important announcements and sharing news that matters to your target audience. Whether you want to:

  • Announce a big merger or acquisition
  • Launch a new line of product/service
  • Re-brand your business
  • Interact with your public and answer their questions.
  • Give out clarification statements
  • Let your potential customer know about your business, or Make any major announcement with the help of the most reputed media houses in the country.

    Our team at Public Media Solution will help you organize the entire press meet and make sure that the event goes smoothly, providing you with the results you wanted. Owing to our previous tie-ups with media houses like the Times of India, Hindustan Times, Aaj Tak, The Economic Times, NDTV India, Zee News, Red FM, Business Standard, and other reputed names in the industry, you can rest assured that your message will be circulated through credible sources.

    Holistic Press Conference Services In India

    While advertising helps you promote the product you are selling, a press conference helps you convey the soul of your brand

    Before going into the details of our press conference services, let us brief you through the basics of the much-revered media event.

    What Is A Press Conference?

    In simple words, a press conference is an event that involves representatives of an organization interacting with media houses, answering relevant questions, and making important announcements. The event takes place in the presence of multiple media houses reporting the statements made and answers provided by the organization with regards to the central theme of the press meet (if any). Press conferences are highly organized and meticulously planned events to ensure that the interaction is carried out as seamlessly as possible. Also, it holds immense importance for the organization conducting it as the statements made by them are covered and scrutinized by the best media houses in the country.
    What Is A Press Conference
    Press Conference Important

    Why Is Press Conference Important?

    The purpose of a press conference often goes beyond mere dissemination of information. Here are some of the key reasons for the importance of a press conference:
  • Giving Out The Right Information
  • Naturally, the most important aspect of a press conference is circulating the right information to the right audience.

    While personal interviews help you conduct a one-on-one interaction with specific journalists, a press meet allows you to communicate to multiple journalists at once, giving out the required information in a single go.

  • Addressing Important Issues
  • There may be times when the public misunderstands your organization and there is a strong need for effective communication. Calling in every media house and giving clarifications is often a tedious and chaotic process. Instead, having a single press conference can help you give all clarifications, bust all rumors, and make everything right with your audiences simultaneously. Ultimately, it helps your business deal with the tough times by quick and effective dissemination of information.

  • Aiding Public Relations
  • A press conference always acts as a brilliant tool for public relations. If you want your public to know more about your business, products, or services, you can conduct a press conference and circulate the essence of your brand in the best way possible.

  • Healthy Alternative To Advertising
  • Instead of spending loads of money on advertising your business across multiple platforms, a single press conference does the trick for you without having to pay for media slots. A press conference costs significantly less than an advertising campaign and allows direct communication from the brand itself. This way, you can convey the essence, ethics, and values of your company along with promoting your brand to get more traction, which makes the process more wholesome.

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    All you need to do is have a vision and we will help you fulfill it to the very last detail!

    The Process Of Organizing A Press Conference

    Our team at Public Media Solution helps you plan your press conference right from the scratch, whether you want to held a press conference in Pune, Mumbai, Bangalore, Delhi, or any major city in the country, going the traditional as well as the digital way.
    Here are the major steps taken by our team in planning and organizing a press conference for you:

     Deciding the theme/topic for the press conference

    We start by helping you come up with the best possible topic for conducting your press conference. Our professionals will get in touch with you and understand the objectives you want to achieve, the message(s) you want to circulate, the audience you want to target, the budget you want to allocate, and other relevant matters. This will form the basis of your press conference and will lead all the processes thereafter.

    As trivial as it sounds, it is extremely important to decide the right date and time before holding a press conference in India. Depending on the events happening in the concerned region in specific or country in general, we help you finalize the ideal date and time for the event.

    Here, it is also important to remember that we will be inviting journalists to cover the event, which means that it is advisable to pick a date when there are fewer chances of the journalists going for a more newsworthy event instead.

    Especially in the age of digitization, it is important to choose the right location for your press conference. The exponential rise of online collaborative platforms has resulted in increased scope for online press conferences. Holding an online press conference is an ideal option if you are willing to cater to journalists from across the world.

    However, if you are planning to go the traditional way and organize the press meet at a physical location, we will help you decide the ideal location based on its accessibility, relevance to the theme of the event, the aesthetic appeal of the location, and the fact that it is well-equipped for a smooth flow of events.

    Ideally, there are two key players in a press conference – speakers and a moderator. If required, our experts will help you out in selecting the most suitable speakers and moderators according to the topic of the event and the goals to be achieved.

    We will also help you in getting the speakers and moderator trained in conducting the entire conference, on and off location. This helps you in making double sure that your event goes effectively.

    Now, we help you in identifying the media houses and/or journalists that best suit the topic/theme of your press conference. It is very important for a business to not mess up at this stage as it may have dire implications during the event.

    These will be the journalists who will be sent the press kits and invited to cover the event, and we will make sure that you make nothing but the right choice.

    Once you are done selecting the ideal journalists to invite to your press conference, we help you in writing and distributing press releases to the selected journalists. Our team ensures that all necessary details about the event are included in the press release and it is in perfect sync with the theme/topic of the conference.

    To make sure that the journalists attending your press conference are assisted in the best possible manner, we help you in developing and distributing press kits for them.

    These handy kits contain all information about the event, your company, the speakers, and the matters to be discussed in the event, in a digital or a hard copy.

    Finally, once your event is ready to go on air, we will make sure that all arrangements at the venue are made and the event goes exactly the way you had planned it!