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It is important for a business organization to obtain public attention and have a favorable image in the public to stay in the market for long. Your business might offer the best products and services, but it would not be able to grow if it does not catch the eye of the public. This is where public relations play an important role. Public relations involve activities that are dedicated to building healthy relations of a company with the public and maintain them over a long period of time. It involves circulating positive messages in the public on the behalf of an organization to build a positive image of the brand. Public relations is different than advertising because it is not only about selling products and growing sales. Public relations is about conveying the essence of the brand to the public.

There are several tools of public relations that can be used by a PR agency for their client, but the press release is the most important.

What Is Press Release

What Is Press Release?

A press release is an official statement issued on behalf of a business organization to news media houses and publications for providing specific information. This information can be regarding a new product to be launched by the brand, an event organized by the brand, or any major announcement made by the brand to the public. Media houses are some of the biggest channels for propagating messages about a brand to the public.

They get people talking about the brand and give them the attention they want from the public.

The main purpose of a press release is to get media houses to cover the activities of a specific brand and publish its activities on different media platforms for the public to see.

No matter what the purpose of a press release is, there are nine major components of a press release. You will find these elements in every press release example:

  • Letterhead or logo
  • Contact information about the PR person
  • Headline
  • Subheadline
  • Date and name of the city
  • Introduction (who, what, when, where, and why)
  • Body
  • Boilerplate (brief information about the concerned company)
  • Closing symbol

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News stories are some of the best and most reliable means of reaching out to the public. If a news publication house covers a specific story, a brand can get good publicity and promotion. As the name suggests, a news release is a press release that provides a briefing to the media houses about factual information of a particular company. Here, the briefing the meaning is the details provided by the PR agency to different media houses which can be used for publishing articles, videos, and other pieces of information. News releases can be issued for asking media houses to talk about a new product launch, an event,or any other newsworthy information about a business to get attention from media and the public.

A business launch press release is a press release issued to announce the launch of a company. Here, a PR agency would inform media houses about the details of the launch and ask them to cover it on their respective platforms. This is the best press release example for letting your public know about your entry into the market. Whether you are completely new in the market or are switching to a different market, a business launch press release is an ideal option to let the media houses cover the activity.

A product announcement press release is created to inform media houses about a new product being launched by a company. Whether you are launching a new product variant or announcing a completely new line of products, this press release example is the best option for a company. When you are announcing a new product, it is important to provide all relevant details to the media houses, including the name of the product, its description, uses, variants, and other important information. This helps them in covering your announcement in the best way possible.

A lot of companies issue press releases to announce a change in their human resource, such as a change in their staff or making new hires. Such a press release is dedicated to letting the public know that a company is open to hiring new employees for specific positions. It issued to spread the word about a company in the market. Based on the details you provide regarding the change in your staff and the need for new employees, this information is published on various media platforms and reaches your public efficiently.

As the name suggests, this press release example is used when a company is looking for experts in a particular field to work for them. Here, a PR agency would write a press release containing the details of the expert required, qualification criteria, job description, and other relevant details. Once the media houses spread the word, the deserving candidates will read the requirements and get in touch with the concerned company for getting hired.

An event press release is created to inform media houses about a specific event organized by a company. It contains all the details of the event and the purpose for which it is held. Such a release is distributed to journalists and media house executives to attend the concerned event and cover the event on their respective platforms. This helps a company make more and more people aware of their brand and increase their visibility in the market.

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How Does A Press Release Distribution Model Work?

Press release distribution is the process of making a press release reach the desired journalists and members of different media houses. The main purpose behind distributing a press release is to gain maximum reach and spread your promotional messages to a large section of your target audience.
Although the press release distribution model is different for different press release example, here is how a general distribution model works :
Obtaining Contact Information

Once you are sure about the journalists you want to engage with, get the contact details of the journalists or the media house they work for.

Finding The Journalists

The first step in a press release distribution model is to find suitable journalists who are likely to be interested in your press release. Instead of reaching out to every possible journalist, it is advisable to select a limited bunch of people and focus on communicating with them.

Create Your Pitch

This is the most important aspect of a press release distribution model. Here, you are required to create a pitch that is encouraging, engaging, informative, and creative. Make sure you get to the point fast and keep the pitch short but powerful. Before you send the email, make sure that you have a unique subject line that immediately attracts attention before hitting the “send” button.

Sending The Pitch At The Right Time

There are various statistics regarding the best time to send pitches to specific journalists for specific purposes. Make sure that you send the email at the right time to ensure that the journalists will acknowledge your mail and pay attention to your pitch.

Following Up

Your job is not done once you send your pitch. It is very important to follow up on the email you sent to the journalists. While it is not advisable to spam a journalist with follow-up emails, make sure that you send two or three such emails at decent time intervals for better communication.

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Why Is Press Release Important For A Business

Why Is Press Release Important For A Business?

A press release is a tool that can be used by any business, irrespective of the scale it operates on and the industry it belongs to. As far as you want media coverage for your company, you can create and distribute a press release to media houses for improved public relations.

A press release is distributed to get as many journalists as possible on board. This would give your brand increased visibility on different platforms and get more people talking about it. Once your brand has good visibility in the market, your customer engagement will increase automatically.

A press release is highly inexpensive as a lot of companies write their own releases. However, the reach obtained through a press release is huge. This makes you get maximum ROI for propagating your message to the public. Press releases hold special importance in digital marketing and PR. A press release is a highly professional way of inviting media houses to cover the specific actions of a company and provide them with the visibility it needs.

Any press release example is a work of art as it requires the use of creative language to convince and encourage media houses to spread your word in the market.

It is always important for an organization to win the confidence of the public and have a positive image in the market to carve a niche for itself. Even if the quality of all your offerings is top-notch, you will never get the desired traction if you are not able to establish a connection with your public. This is where the magic of public relations comes in! Public relations help you convey the essence of your brand without hammering the public with promotional jargon. Whether you are catering to the internal public (employees, shareholders, partners, etc.) or external public (customers, suppliers, investors, etc.), PR allows you to spread your word and make your intent clear in the best way possible.

With public relations, you can establish a constructive image of your brand in the market and spread awareness about the same. When more and more people become aware of the existence of your brand and what it stands for, you are likely to get higher engagement from your prospects. Public relations can be clubbed with an array of marketing tools to leverage the impact of your promotional messages and drive more traction. If used well and through the right channels, PR can be instrumental in helping you build your brand and make it favorable to the public. It helps you in creating a loyal base of customers who believe in your brand and stand by it through thick and thin. Through PR, you can reach out to your audience through multiple channels and encourage them to engage with your brand in an organic way.

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