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Reach Your Target Audience Through The Most Appropriate
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We make sure that your stories, events, announcements, or any other relevant information are covered by the most suitable media houses.

Media relations services

Since the dawn of mass communication, media has played an important role in circulating important news and information about companies, events, and announcements that matter. Media platforms have always been some of the most trusted tools of communication by brands across the world. However, the media platforms you choose for circulating specific messages play an important role in disseminating the required information. Most organizations face the problem of targeting everyone with the help of every media platform at their disposal. This reduces the effectiveness of the message/campaign to a great extent. If you are willing to send the right messages to the right audience at the right time, we are here to help you out via extensive media relations services.

Media Relations Services That You Can Trust

Public Media Solution helps you form a symbiotic relationship with some of the best media houses in the country to help you spread your word in an effective manner. As your media relations company in India, we make sure that your stories, events, announcements, or any other relevant information are covered by the most suitable media houses.

You can avail of our media relations services for a variety of purposes, including:
  • Announcing the launch of a product/service
  • Covering the launch of a product/service
  • Circulating business results or analytics
  • Covering company-sponsored events and ceremonies
  • Covering press conferences
  • Making important announcements about disasters, strikes, or discontinuation of services
  • Covering visits by celebrities and other public figures

    Covering social engagements

No matter what messages you are willing to circulate, we help you team up with our media partners to broadcast them effectively, ensuring they reach your target audience through the most appropriate media platforms. Right from coming up with the best way of structuring your messages and creating relevant content to approaching the media houses and getting your messages published, our media relations services cover the entire spectrum of working closely with media houses (online and traditional).

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Media Relations Services That You Can Trust

Once you are successful in conveying the essence of your brand, nothing can stop you from getting the traction you deserve!

What Are Media Relations

What Are Media Relations?

Media relations refer to the sustainable and productive relationship between an organization and media houses. These relations are built for a one-time, continuous, or contract-based purpose to cover specific news, stories, and announcements made by the concerned organization. It is important to note that media relations are not the same as public relations. In fact, media relations are an important part of public relations. The scope of public relations is much wider because it involves multiple activities directed toward building healthy relations with the public. On the other hand, media relations are specific to getting associated with media houses for circulating specific messages to the target audience.

In the age of immense competition in all industries, it is important for a business to make its target audience aware of its existence and offerings. No matter how good the quality of your products/services is, you will only be able to get traction when more and more people are aware of your brand.

Through our media relations services, we help you increase this brand awareness by letting your audience know about your business through reliable media sources. Owing to the credibility of media houses, the right messaging can help you get the attention of your target audience.

We live in a time when it doesn’t take much for a brand to fall into trouble. A small miscommunication can put the reputation of an organization at stake. However, crises can always be averted with effective communication. Our media relations services help you deal with such a crisis in an organized and sustainable way.

Our PR professionals will help you plan every stage of the campaign in a way that your intention is clearly conveyed to your target audience. With us as your media relations company, you can rest assured that you have given the reins of communication to the right hands!

No matter which industry you operate in, your target audience will always have at least a few other alternatives to your brand. You need to be credible enough to make your customers choose you over others.

Through extensive media relations, we make sure that you earn the much-needed credibility by associating with some of the best media publications. When the audience hears about a brand through a source they trust, the credibility of the concerned brand increases automatically.

Many organizations still make the mistake of assuming that media relations are limited to traditional media platforms. With the rise of the prominence of digital platforms, media houses have been shifting the focus on publishing online content.

Our media relations services involve extensive use of online platforms for helping you reach out to your target audience, including blogs, articles, online press releases, and other digital platforms. Our PR specialists will scout the digital world and help you team up with some of the best online platforms for circulating your messages.

Public Media Solution is your one-stop solution for reaching out to your target audience with the right messages at the right time. Our media relations services relieve you from all efforts of approaching the best media houses/journalists, organizing media events, writing press releases, building press kits, and getting your messages circulated (online and offline) through the right media platforms.

Our media relations services do not end at getting your messages published on the right platforms. We keep a track of your entire PR campaign and come up with ROI-driven analytics to help you measure the reach and effectiveness of your messages.

Without sugar-coating the results, we provide an objective picture of the traction received by your campaign, helping you make all the necessary changes in your approach (if needed).

Healthy media relations have the power to carry a single message across to millions of prospects at the same time!